Autumn’s Fall

Autumn’s Fall is the debut solo studio album by Slovakian singer-songwriter Steven Vagovics, released on 9th of October 2015 through his own record label.

Autumn’s Fall was produced by Steven Vagovics, except for Perfect Time, which was co-produced with Kevin Stokley. Perfect Time was released as a single in 2014. Some tracks on the album (Perfect Time, Wonderful Day, Come to Me, Butterflies and Seems Like Yesterday) were mixed by Kevin Stokley and the rest of the album was mixed by Steven Vagovics himself.

The name „Autumn’s Fall“ came from an idea of a word play – the mature phase of autumn. Autumn is Steven’s most favorite season and he wanted to record an album which would capture the mood of slight seasonal depression.


Autumn’s Fall was recorded at home in Bratislava, Slovakia. Vagovics contacted an American mixing engineer Kevin Stokley after seeing his advert and sent him stems for Perfect Time. The mix came out surprisingly well and Vagovics published it as his first official single.

Recording started in 2014 and ended in the summer of 2015.


Autumn’s Fall contains 11 songs, including singles like „Perfect Time“, „Come to Me“ and „Seems Like Yesterday“. Most of the feedback for these singles described them as „very John (Lennon)“, „very Beatle-y“ and „melancholic, yet uplifting“.

On the inspiration and the album title, Steven said:

„Autumn always was and still is my most favorite season of the year. I was thinking of the title for my debut album and when I saw the painting by Danish painter Brendekilde called „A wooded path in Autumn“, I got an idea of calling my album „Autumn’s Fall“. I wanted to symbolize the „mature phase of autumn“ when all the leaves are on the ground, it’s almost winter, but not yet and express all the feelings associated with it.“

Vagovics also mentioned at one occasion that Autumn’s Fall is a loose concept based on nostalgia around life’s moments.

Track listing

All songs on the album were written by Steven Vagovics.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. Glancy Vagovics 4:00
2. Wonderful Day Vagovics 3:10
3. Perfect Time Vagovics 3:07
4. Come to Me Vagovics 3:15
5. Eventually Vagovics 4:36
6. Autumn Sunset (Interlude) Vagovics 2:08
7. Butterflies Vagovics 3:57
8. Part of Me Vagovics 4:18
9. Goodbye Vagovics 3:41
10. Seems Like Yesterday Vagovics 5:17
11. Autumn’s Fall Vagovics 2:36
    Total length: 40:05