Better Days

Better Days is the fourth solo studio album by Slovakian singer-songwriter Steven Vagovics, released on 19th of November 2021 through his own record label.

Better Days was produced by Steven Vagovics.


Better Days was recorded at home in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Recording started in 2019 and ended in the summer of 2021.


Better Days contains 10 songs, including singles like „Little Boy“, „If You Wanna Be Mine“ and „People Need Love“.

On the inspiration and the album title, Steven said:

„Better Days is supposed to symbolize a hope for better times to come – it was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic and I thought at the time that it was a pretty miserable time period, so I wanted to propose something hopeful for the future.“

Track listing

All songs on the album were written by Steven Vagovics.

1.We All Gather (To Sing This Song Again)Vagovics3:25
2.Little BoyVagovics3:24
3.If You Wanna Be MineVagovics2:44
4.Morning LightVagovics3:03
5.I Still Love HerVagovics2:34
6.Jenny’s BalladVagovics2:22
7.Brand New DayVagovics3:10
8.In A Little WhileVagovics2:10
9.I Give You My WordVagovics3:29
10.People Need LoveVagovics4:25
Total length:30:46