Autumn’s Fall (2015)


Wonderful Day

Perfect Time

Come to Me


Autumn Sunset (Interlude)


Part of Me


Seems Like Yesterday

Autumn’s Fall

Sing for Paris (feat. Ivana J.)

Memory Lane (2018)

Starting Again

Cloud Nine

We All Stand Together

Girl Next Door

Follow Me

Sunday Rain

I Can Hear Music

Memory Lane

Bliss (2019)


Guiding Light

I Love You

Song for Someone

Every Day Forever

Peace (Interlude)

Song for You

Seven Days

Love (How?)

Life Is For Living

Paradise (Bliss?)

Better Days (2021)

We All Gather (To Sing This Song Again)

Little Boy

If You Wanna Be Mine

Morning Light

I Still Love Her

Jenny’s Ballad

Brand New Day

In A Little While

I Give You My Word

People Need Love

Your Love (2022)

Maggie Came to Dinner

Only Time Will Tell

World Without You

Made For You

True Love Ways

The Sun, The Clouds and The Trees

Mrs Melanie

One More Kiss

I’m In Love

Heaven In Your Eyes

Your Love

Twin Flames (2023)


Twin Flames

The New World


Times Are Changing

In The Afternoon

As Long As You Love Me

Sunshine In The Rain

The Beauty Queen

Waves (feat. KingOsiris)

More Than Friends

I Do

In Your Mind

(I Hope) It’s Gonna Be You

Lazy Days

One Day

Now and Then

Your Love (feat. Nella Pilko)

It’s My First Christmas (With You)