Bliss is the third solo studio album by Slovakian singer-songwriter Steven Vagovics, released on 11th of October 2019 through his own record label.

Bliss was produced by Steven Vagovics.

The album is an attempt to make a „sequel“ to Autumn’s Fall.


Bliss was recorded at home in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Recording started in 2018 and ended in the summer of 2019.


Bliss contains 11 songs, including singles like „Every Day Forever“, „I Love You“ and „Song for Someone“.

On the inspiration and the album title, Steven said:

„Bliss was my attempt to make a semi-concept album like Autumn’s Fall was. If Autumn’s Fall was about ruminating about life, Bliss is about the conclusive state of joy, an afterlife, if you like. The little menacing theme and motto of the album is – ignorance is bliss.“

Track listing

All songs on the album were written by Steven Vagovics.

2.Guiding LightVagovics3:23
3.I Love YouVagovics2:58
4.Song for SomeoneVagovics3:52
5.Every Day ForeverVagovics2:59
6.Peace (Interlude)Vagovics0:51
7.Song for YouVagovics3:17
8.Seven DaysVagovics2:34
9.Love (How?)Vagovics3:33
10.Life is for LivingVagovics3:43
11.Paradise (Bliss?)Vagovics2:23
Total length:33:04