Twin Flames

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Twin Flames is the sixth solo studio album by Slovakian singer-songwriter Steven Vagovics, released on 11th of November 2023 through his own record label.

Twin Flames was produced by Steven Vagovics.


Twin Flames was recorded at home in Bratislava, Slovakia (except for the song More Than Friends – recorded at TC Lemons Studio, Bratislava).

Recording started in 2022 and ended in the summer of 2023.


Twin Flames contains 20 songs, including singles like „Twin Flames“, „Sunshine In The Rain“ and „Waves“.

On the inspiration and the album title, Steven said:

„Twin Flames was originally my attempt at making a double album – hence the name Twin Flames. I was amazed at the concept of twin flames when I discovered it and I thought that it was a pretty cool-sounding album title. At first, I wanted to make a diverse self-titled double album, but I was very tired of the project when I was about half-way done with it, so the album ended up with only 20 tracks.“

Track listing

All songs on the album were written by Steven Vagovics.

2.Twin FlamesVagovics2:51
3.The New WorldVagovics3:46
5.Times Are ChangingVagovics3:23
6.In The AfternoonVagovics2:46
7.As Long As You Love MeVagovics2:55
8.Sunshine In The RainVagovics3:30
9.The Beauty QueenVagovics2:02
10.Waves (feat. KingOsiris)Vagovics3:47
11.More Than FriendsVagovics3:10
12.I DoVagovics3:06
13.In Your MindVagovics3:32
14.(I Hope) It’s Gonna Be YouVagovics2:12
15.Lazy DaysVagovics3:23
16.One DayVagovics3:21
17.Now and ThenVagovics3:02
18.Your Love (feat. Nella Pilko)Vagovics3:34
19.Twin Flames (Outro)Vagovics2:07
20.It’s My First Christmas (With You)Vagovics2:58
Total length:61:11